It would be a disappointing end for Mullin who got collected by a lap car trying to pass the pace car as the field was approaching a green flag restart. Mullin would end up hung up on the inside wall and would require a tow essentially ending his night. Bill Holland would lead 52 laps and finish 4th but would be the odds on favorite as the field could not match his pace during green flag runs.  Boonstoppel would finish in 15th with Neary finishing in 26th followed by Mullin's retired entry in 27th.

Flyin' Dutchman Gerry Boonstoppel would lead all the laps ... all but one and that would be the most critical last lap. As the laps wound down Scott Mullin was able to close the gap and put on a last lap show for the fans. But it would be Boonstoppel would miss a turn and put it off in the gravel allowing Mullin to pass heading up the hill to the world famous corkscrew turn.


This completes the GT4 series.